Think Different! Why select averQ over on-premise tools?

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Let’s do some simple math. Benefits clients with higher and faster value from a quicker deployment, rollout and support with lower and predictable total cost of ownership.  Existing on-premise solutions require a large investment in an organization’s internal resources and time to keep up with the challenges faced by the business users. averQ’s cloud approach takes all the maintenance, update and infrastructure challenges, enabling organizations to focus on what’s important for bettering their lines of defense for their enterprises.

The averQ unified Transparency apps solutions in the cloud also help organizations to future proof their methodology with a very simple approach to addition of advanced technologies such as automations, machine learning models and data analytics when required.

With a focus on Financial services verticals, averQ’s documentation, workflow, analytics and reporting apps are built for 100% adoption through an interface designed and optimized for business users. averQ is built to empower the users to complete their tasks and analyze their data without having to deal with configurations and integration issues in a truly self-served platform.

 On-Premise SolutionsaverQ Cloud
Infrastructure costsIn addition to the on-premise software cost, high capital expenses required for initial purchase of servers, software like databases, storage, firewalls and IT personnel costs.Zero infrastructure costs. AverQ’s subscription fees supports transparent operating expenses with no additional infrastructure costs.
Remote availabilityImportant in COVID World we are in.Exceedingly difficult for client’s IT to manage network access points, VPNs, and security. Access delays impacts productivity.Simple and Secure, available always ready for remote work. Users can simply access via secure login.
Backup, business continuity and disaster recoveryClient IT must manage backups of data and ensure minimal data losses for business continuityaverQ fully managed service is hassle free and takes care of all this. AverQ  service standard uptime is 99%  SLA.
Upgrades and maintenance supportLocked in for a limited time at point of onboarding and updates and upgrades require more IT resourcesComplete care to always have the latest updates and upgrades.  Innovation and requirements gets to users quickly on a monthly and quarterly release cycles
SupportCostly on-premise troubleshooting and support. Delays in solving important issuesFaster response times and resolutions right inside your application.
User licensingPerpetual licenses with no flexibility for change in user counts over timeSubscription helps client’s right size their user licenses to meet business changes
Integration for advanced data analysisClient IT must manage multiple modules and databases to keep everything running smoothlyAvailable natively in the AverQ Apps.  Users can perform advanced data analytics, automations and reporting in one platform accessed via one login.

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