• Need to resolve the issues contributing to risk quickly?

    Get to a risk-controlled state with averQ's Transparency Apps.

Your financial services enterprise is ever-changing.
Your GRC Platform should stay ahead of those changes.


averQ is dedicated to developing and providing Unified Transparency Apps for risk and compliance functions in your dynamic enterprise. Our Transparency Apps enable banking and other financial services companies to realize the benefits of modern, cloud-based architectures to manage critical business risks for their industry-specific regulations and requirements.

Rewarding Risk Done RightTM

Unified Transparency AppsTM for
everyday activities of audit, risk,
finance, and compliance professionals.



Automate your processes, unify your approach, and analyze your results for greater coverage and context.


Balance sustainability and growth. Allocate capital while focusing compliance and risks on forward-looking objectives.


Standardize and collaborate with the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time, driving quicker actions and decision making.

Get a handle on the risks like never before:

  • Stop struggling with multiple applications and platforms that don’t integrate well.
  • Stop high training costs, frustration and lost productivity to your users.
  • Stop sinking resources and time to keep it all together.
  • All unified in one secure platform.
  • Compelling price-performance value.
  • Zero hassle deployment.

From local community banks to global diversified financial services,
they all manage their operational risk daily with averQ.


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