averQ Unified Transparency Apps improve assurance, performance, and productivity of your compliance, risk, audit, and finance functions.

averQ Compliance : Reduce Time to Comply

With averQ Compliance you document, assess and report with advanced monitoring of controls for management oversight and easy-to-document tools with flexible frameworks. Meet multiple regulations for design and operational excellence that are in step with your changes while taking on the challenges you are facing in compliance and getting the apps to help you through.


averQ Audit : Be the Sharp Business Advisor

Why stop at just documenting the audits when you can do automated control tests for greater assurance? Historically,audit tools have been cost prohibitive for being on par with the front office. averQ Audit Apps give you a complete set of apps to cover the entire spectrum of the audit process; planning, executing, and reporting; while also providing you with compelling price-performance value.


averQ Risk : Reward Better Risk Managers

When your processes are managed and controlled well, realize their competitive advantages in your operational risk buffers. With averQ Risk, you can pave a two-way street where capital calculation scenarios are valuable in the front-office to reduce risk with better oversight.


averQ Finance : Risk Embedded Financials
for Sharper Performance

With averQ Finance, you can perform your internal controls and see the impact over financial reporting for various banking regulations such as CFPB, OCC, and other regularity reports. You can even visualize the KPIs and risk layered on your forward-looking objectives to align and improve performance.


Security : Our Highest Priority

Our customers trust us to keep their data safe. Protecting our customers’ data and living up to our customers’ trust is averQ ’s top-most priority. Security is in every part of how we run our business and not just in the architecture or design of our products. We strictly adhere to leading practices on enterprise security right from authentication to every interaction, across all stages of handling customer data.

Anytime Anywhere access: Win your users over

Need participation from the busiest people in your enterprise? Take the issues to them rather than getting them to come to you. You can win your users over with anytime,anywhere access; be it through browsers on their computers or apps on their tablets. You can get to a risk-controlled state and reduce the time to comply, while ensuring central security controls for your users’ access.

Scale: Massive Enterprise-Class, Elastic fit

With averQ’s modern stateless services architecture, powered by the latest noSQL and SQL databases. It does not matter wehether you have a few audits or thousands, few risks or thousands, few users or 1000s of users – we have the right fit for you. Our Elastic Scale architecture and technologies are built for your current levels and to meet future growth.

Free your IT teams from costly buys of multiple software packages, the hardware for them,
and more resources to integrate and maintain them.

With averQ, you get a state-of-the-art unified system right out of the box.


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