Close Collaboration across Geographically Diverse Regions to meet Organizational Goals & Regulatory Requirements

A very large Small Finance Institution (SFI), on the verge of becoming a bank, wanted to ensure compliance with guidelines for the regulating authority. Part of the strategy to ensure a successful transition was to focus on a more integrated workflow, bridging various audit teams located in geographically diverse regions. averQ partnered with the SFI to leverage existing apps within the averQ platform ensuring a successful implementation. The SFI faced multiple challenges with large groups of audit teams separated across regions operating in silos without standardized processes and procedures. The management team was not able to act on the risks across the different functions due to lack of insight.

averQ converges quality and effectiveness in an end-to-end audit process to efficiently align the needs of multiple stakeholders

Venkatesh Iyer
Former Executive Vice President & Chief Audit Officer

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