averQ has everything in place to seamlessly switch financial institutions from currently restricted face-to-face interactions to successful and secure remote working

With the lockdown and social distancing due the COVID-19 outbreak, many in the audit, risk and compliance world are struggling to get some semblance of normal operations while the teams must stay at home. Operational capacity is down anywhere from 50% to 10%, which is not at all great. The two primary reasons for this drop are: a) The systems teams are working with are on-location installations only and not compatible with remote working, leaving Information Technology (IT) teams struggling to give them access to these systems remotely, and b) Concerns over the security of a web meeting collaboration tools

At averQ, we already have measures in place to avoid both problems. averQ was created in the Cloud, allowing us to take care of your deployment and connectivity remotely; So, your in-house IT teams are not burdened with trying to poke holes in firewalls to give you remote access. All our users are 100% connected to their teams and workflows and are carrying on with their regular tasks without any issues.

When it comes to the second reason, there are many media sources mentioning web meeting tools sharing data without permission, meetings getting hijacked, the vulnerability of web cams, and so on. averQ utilizes the Moxtra Meet app through which you can interact with auditees, resolve compliance issue, discuss risk assessments, and even complete audit committee presentations. This app was created through a partnership between Moxtra and some of the world’s leading financial institutions, so it is extremely focused on rigorous compliance, security, and auditability.

There is no need for you to have separate signups for your workflows and web meetings or having IT setup connections for individual team members. Simply add the meeting app to your project and invite any of the users listed in your project, participant, and sign off teams. With averQ, you can work remotely securely and efficiently.