AverQ Risk

Balance Operational Risk
with Opportunity.

Sensitive Capital Models.
On demand. Any time.


Operational Risk is not an ivory tower exercise.
Target meaningful impact on everyday decisions in your front-office.

  • Delegate risk ownership, build relevant risk registers, assess risks and controls.
  • Record loss events in a timely manner, manage recovery across accountable departments.
  • Expand scenarios while being fully informed of audit and risk office events for better sensitivity of capital models.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to get buy-in on modeling, loss recovery approaches, and economic/regulatory capital buffers.
  • Addess everything dynamically at granular levels, with averQ Risk Apps.

Apps for Recovery and Loss Event Analysis (LDA), Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSAs), Capital Models (ICCAP), Simulations and many others;
all unified to ensure right balance of capital buffers against the operational risk.

averQ Risk Apps are available for preview to select partners and customers.
Interested in joining? Please contact us and we will reach out with instructions and qualifications to be part of this select group.


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